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Committed to a Cure

Commitment to a Cure

Connelly Law is dedicated to furthering the research of mesothelioma through annual donations to several institutions with the same goal.  Mesothelioma research often does not receive the funding it so desperately needs.  The principle reasons for this is the relative rarity of the disease.  The CV law firm is dedicated to bolstering the progress of fighting mesothelioma by providing the funding to physicians across the nation.

University of Chicago’s Mesothelioma Program

University of Chicago sees an incredibly high volume of mesothelioma patients every year from the Midwest; as well as patients from the entire nation and some from different parts of the globe.  This is due in large part to the incredible work of Dr. Hedy Kindler.  Dr. Kindler has used her personal commitment to fighting the disease to lead the mesothelioma program for many years and has made great strides in increasing survival for victims of mesothelioma.

Connelly Law have been heavily committed to supporting the University of Chicago’s mesothelioma program.  This commitment first began in 2004 and will continue as long as the mesothelioma program remains in place.  Donations have assisted in purchasing new equipment as well as providing funding for hospital staff.


International Mesothelioma Interest Group & Dr. Kindler

Dr. Kindler also heads up the International Mesothelioma Interest Group, IMIG, under the strong leadership of Dr. Kindler, gathers the world’s leading physicians and scientists in mesothelioma research together every two years.  This mighty brain trust shares resources, ideas and individual progress to push global progress toward ending the disease.


Connelly Law have supported and attended the last two meetings.  They both attended in Chicago in 2006, as well as the most recent 2008 conference in Amsterdam.  Their attendance and support allow them to stay informed on the cutting edge of the science and medicine involved in mesothelioma.  This in turn gives exclusive access to all clients who may need guidance in treatment of this disease.

Mesothelioma Applied Research Fund (MARF)

In 2000, a coalition of patients, families, doctors and other advocates was formed to create an independent source of funding for mesothelioma research.  In addition to providing money for grants to fight mesothelioma, it has also grown to be an excellent resource for patients and their families.  There are annual meetings where patients and loved ones can share stories and information in fighting the cancer. 

MARF has now grown to the point that it has a mesothelioma nurse, Mary Hesdorffer.  Mary is always available to help with small questions regarding symptoms as well as bigger issues such as which type of treatment to seek and from which oncologist.

Connelly Law have supported MARF and their work for many years, both through attending conferences and providing financial support.  Hopefully MARF will continue to grow, enabling it to fill the inequitable funding deficit for mesothelioma research.