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Paper Mill Workers

Paper Mill Workers and Exposure to Asbestos

There are many toxic and hazardous materials that pulp and paper workers have been exposed to while at work.  Asbestos was used for many years in the production of such products as packing materials, fiber board and ceiling tiles.  In previous decades, paper mill workers were often working in an environment that contained airborne asbestos dust.

Pulp and paper mill workers operate machinery that takes plant fibers and wood chips and turns them into paper and paper products.  For the equipment they utilized, asbestos was a common material used to insulate the process equipment, including the brakes on the rolling machines and in boilers.  There was often exposure to asbestos dust for paper mill workers.

Paper Mill Workers and Mesothelioma

If the paper workers were employed in a manufacturing plant that utilized asbestos to make their products, there is a good chance that they were exposed to asbestos.  If the asbestos dust adhered to their skin or clothing, there was also a risk that they carried it home and exposed their families to asbestos as well.

Paper workers who worked during the 1960s and 1970s may only now be experiencing symptoms of mesothelioma, since the symptoms can take several decades before they appear.