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Asbestos Exposure and Lathers

Lathers may be exposed to asbestos at work since many older buildings used asbestos in ceiling tiles, wall frameworks, wall plaster and duct work.  Asbestos fibers may be inhaled by lathers if it gets disturbed during any construction or renovation.

Construction companies often use metal lathers during construction projects including drywall and lathing installation.  Anyone who works in construction has an elevated risk of being exposed to asbestos since it is in many older buildings and structures.

Mesothelioma and Lathers

Lathers should be provided with breathing protection while at work to prevent inhaling asbestos.  However, there are many times when workers do not have or do not wear breathing protection.  If lathers are breathing in asbestos dust, it can lead to respiratory problems, such as mesothelioma.  Lathers can contract mesothelioma from their asbestos exposure, even if they were not working directly with the asbestos.  If they are near other workers who are working with asbestos-containing materials and the dust gets released into the air, they can breathe it in.