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Firefighters and Asbestos Exposure

An occupational hazard that firefighters experience is exposure to asbestos.  Many older buildings and homes have asbestos-containing materials in them, and when a structure is damaged during a fire, asbestos fibers can get released into the air, which allows the toxic fibers to be inhaled.

Mesothelioma Risk for Firefighters

Firefighters risk asbestos exposure since many of the firehouses around the country are older structures that have asbestos-containing materials in them.  If that firehouse is renovated or remodeled, the asbestos can get disturbed and the firefighters can inhale the fibers or dust.

If a firefighters goes into a burning building in which asbestos was disturbed, their gear can get coated with the toxic asbestos dust.  If this is not properly cleaned, it puts firefighters at risk.  If the firefighters does not shower and change their clothes before heading home, their families can be put at risk for second-hand exposure to asbestos as well.